plouf coin coin


The Videos

The 1st week
28 april
29 april
30 april
1er may

The 2nd week
6 may
7 may
9 may
10 may
11 may

The 3th week
12 may
13 may
14 may
18 may

The 4th week
19 may
 20 may
 22 may
 23 may
29 april
A day as many others

Tartuff excited
chat énervé

Tartuff very excited
chat très excité

After lunch, Leonardo Di Caprio takes a sun-bath
sieste mandarin

Carolin on the swimming pool


Big stupid agress Di Caprio and his wife
tadorn chasse mandarin

Naval war
mignon peche

Two old friends are fighting, maybe because of a girl ...
dispute entre mignons

Coin-Coin, winner against Serious, is going to a discret place with Bavard.

Hardcore ducks.
reproduction canard

Very hungry...
mignons col-vert

Dendrocygnes main activity. dendrocygnes

Mignone in mother vacancy
mignon blanc couve

Grand con de plus en plus con. grand con

Bis stupid doing his favorite sport. grand con chasse le mandarin

Di Caprio feels better...
en sursis

But for few times, because Big Stupid is never very far... chasse au canard