plouf coin coin



Season 1 (2004)
Season 2 (2006)


First Week
28 april, 29 april, 30 april, 1st may

Second week
6 may, 7 may, 9 may, 10 may, 11 may

Third week
12 may, 13 may, 14 may, 18 may

Fourth week
19 may, 20 may, 22 may, 23 may

Intim films of ducks

The First week
28 april
Presentation and firsts relations

double fuck
29 april
Tartuff very exited, first sexual relationships among ducks.
chat très excité
30 april
A carolin girl making charm

drague canard carolin

1st may
Hot girls
copulation chez les carolins

Second week

6 may
The full season of reproduction
sexe chez les canards mandarin
7 mai
Tartuf breaks everything.
un chat excité
9 may
A white girl duck takes a break before going back to warm her egg.
une future maman prend l'air
10 may
Five duckies born
plein de poussins
11 may                                                                       
The first swim of duckies.   
les poussins prennent leur premier bain

To be continued, see in the left menu the third week