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The Videos

The 1st week
28 april
29 april
30 april
1er may

The 2nd week
6 may
7 may
9 may
10 may
11 may

The 3th week
12 may
13 may
14 may
18 may

The 4th week
19 may
 20 may
 22 may
 23 may

6 may
  An ordinary day

course au canard
Ducks running, or who will catch the Mandarin first ?

carolinPiou-Piou nervous

dispute carolins-dendrocygnesBattle between Carolins and Dendrocygns to control the strategic source

sexe chez les canards mandarinIt's May

chasse au canard
Daily Mandarin pursuit

chasse au canardWho's Raoul ?

canne couveuse
How is the future mother ?

Madona eating and eating